Why Kundalini Yoga is my first choice in Yoga

I’ve tried a couple of other yogas in the past and always felt like I had to contort my body into positions it didn’t want to go. It used to give me a headache rather than relax me! When I saw on the White Lion Leadership Academy program that there was a yoga class my heart sunk. I enquired about it and was told it was quite different to other types of yogas so I decided to have an open mind. And that was very good advice!

While there are advanced positions the majority of exercises are about movement and repetition rather than flexibility. Of course flexibility helps but for most exercises it’s not important. As you do the exercises your flexibility develops as mine has and keeps on doing.

I find Kundalini yoga both gentle and strenuous in the just the right amounts. For me it’s the perfect mix. It’s such a beautiful experience to push myself during the kriya then experience the total relaxation as a reward.

If you’re not sure about it why not try one of my webinars which you can find under Events/Webinars. You can do these in your own home, especially if you feel you aren’t fit or flexible enough for a class.

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