Your Teacher


I took my first Kundalini Yoga class at the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Timbavati, South Africa with Maurice Fernandez and I LOVED it! I was hooked!!! This was July 2012. When I returned from my 6 week journey I endeavoured to look for a teacher in Bergen but alas there was none. Until 2015 that is when Eva Eich, a trainee teacher, came out to Osterøy and began teaching classes. It was during that time that my love of Kundalini Yoga became so obvious that I decided I wanted to take it further and I signed up for teacher training which I took in England and completed in June 2017.

Just to tell you a bit about my journey with Kundalini Yoga. I had a rather severe neck injury in 2014 and was in bad shape when I started classes with Eva. I was unable to do most of the exercises but just being there, making the committment to improve my health and being in that space and energy helped me immensly. I tried as many of the exercises as I could without overdoing it and I slowly improved exercise by exercise, week by week. Once I made the committment to train every day (a requirement of the training) my healing and physical ability accelerated drastically. After 3 years I’m in better shape now than I was even before I injured my neck!